May 28, 2024

If you’re a travel enthusiast and love aerial views of historic places, then the Ramparts Walk is the right activity for you. The Ramparts Walk gives you a view of the whole Old City of Jerusalem as well as the buildings that are outside its boundary walls. It’s actually a fun activity through which you get to see the entire Old City of Jerusalem from up-top. Indeed, there are some places in the old city that are difficult to access by foot and those can also be seen during the Ramparts Walk.

The Temple Mount, situated in the Jerusalem’s Old City, is not only the center of Jewish sanctity but also the third most Holy place in Islam. Therefore, it has played a major role in the Arab-Israeli clash. There are eleven access points to the Temple Mount, only one of which is retained for non-Muslims

The Old City in Jerusalem is a walled area within modern-day Jerusalem and holds immense religious gravity for Jews, Muslims and Christians. It’s divided into four quarters, with the Muslim quarter being the largest and most populous of them all. 

Jerusalem, before being captured by King David, was occupied by a Canaanite tribe called the Jebusites, and the city itself was called Jebus, not Jerusalem. This tribe put up heavy walls around the city and fortified it so that it became impregnable. However, the water of the city was derived from a nearby spring so pipelines were built connecting the city to the spring outside and it is through these pipes that David’s general entered the city and conquered it. This incident is also mentioned in the Book of Samuel and the Book of Chronicles