June 15, 2024

Mount Sinai in Egypt Where the Ten Commandments Were Given

Mount Sinai Egypt Mount Sinai Egypt © Bennymarty | Dreamstime.com

Mount Sinai, also referred to as Mount Horeb in the Bible, is the place Moses is said to have received the ten commandments (Exodus 19, Deuteronomy).  It is also the location Elijah is said to have run to when he fled from Jezebel (1 Kings 19).

There is debate amongst scholars as to the actual location of the Biblical Mount Sinai.  The traditional site most commonly held by pilgrims over the centuries, is a location in the southern Sinai Peninsula known as Jebel Musa (or Jebel Moussa),  an Arabic title meaning the mountain of Moses.  Jebel Musa is over 7000 feet high, and features a Byzantine era monastery, a chapel, and several other monuments devoted to the Biblical stories of Moses and Elijah.

Because of the description in Exodus 19 of the appearance of God upon the mountain, coinciding with thunder and lightning, a thick cloud of smoke like a furnace, a loud trumpeting sound and the whole mountain quaking, some scholars have sought an alternate location for a mountain that might have been an active volcano.


Regardless of whether Jebel Musa is the actual location of Moses and Elijah's journeys, it is a great vantage point to look over the vast Sinai desert, and imagine the arduous journey the Israelites had during their mass Exodus from Egypt to the promised land.







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