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Fortress of Masada built by Herod the Great

Masada Masada © Ilgonis Feldbergs | Dreamstime.com

Masada Fortress in Israel is on the eastern edge of the Judean Desert. This ancient stone fortress in Israel which is located around 400 meters above the Dead Sea. This fortress has now been preserved and renovated by the Israel government. The Masada Fortress was also declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 2001.

The Masada Fortress has a huge importance for the Jewish people as it was the place where the last Jewish stronghold against the Roman troops stood in the first century A.D. The fortress was built by the Kind Herod in the last century of B.C. Kind Herod who ruled from 37 to 4 B.C. made the Masada as a castle complex and was also a pleasure place for King Herod.

This place is probably the most visited place by the tourists in Israel. Irrespective of Masada being the UNESCO World Heritage Site, this amazing fortress is an ancient beauty which was created by the King Herod.

This fortress is the place which reminds everyone of the valor and courage of the Jewish people. When the roman troops attacked the fortress on its western side, they managed to breach the wall and then the 960 Jewish people committed suicide rather than to fall in the hands of the roman troops.

Many people from all parts of the world visit this historical place. Masada Fortress has incredible landscapes, mountains, desert and most important the Dead Sea. The Masada Fortress may have been ruined but efforts are made to preserve the amazing archaeological remains of this beautiful fortress.

Masada Fortress is a place that almost all the tourists from all parts of the world love to visit. It has everything that a tourist wish to see and it gives the tourists a unique experience. Masada Fortress is probably the most incredible and greatest archaeological sites in Israel.

There are some incredible places that you can visit like the

Masada National Park – the park in Masada is worth the visit and it is on the Eastern side of Masada. It has a Museum called Yigal Yadin Masada Museum, a guesthouse, camping facility, toilets, a shopping center, first aid station, restaurants and much more important things. The Masada National Park is 490m above the surface of the Dead Sea.

Climbing Up To The Masada Fortress

The Masada Fortress is really high and reaching to the top takes some time. There is Snake Path available and the facility of Cable Car is also there. The lofty height of Masada isn’t even a barrier as the fortress is accessible by everyone. It’s all up to you whether you want a cable car drive or a snake path walk.

The Sound and Light Shows

The place is very famous for the concerts and event as well. Every year different events are held here as well and some of the prestigious opera festival takes place here as well. The Sound and Light shows are held on the western side of Masada. The time for the events to take place is usually in March.

There are a lot of amazing hotels available near the Masada Fortress. Some of them are listed below

  • Herods Dead Sea
  • Daniel Dead Sea Hotel (8 miles away)
  • Isrotel Ganim (7.8 miles away)
  • The Masada Hotel

The tour to Israel is incomplete without the visit to this incredible place. If you ever come to Israel then visiting the Masada Fortress should be on your list. This place will leave you speechless with its eternal archaeological beauty and charm.

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