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The Red Sea a Great Crossing Point Into the Promised Land

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The Red Sea coast in Egypt is the dream destination for every athlete who loves water sports! With multiple luxurious resorts, adventurous water sports, and serene islands, this place will have you drawn by its charm!.

Biblical Significance

The Red Sea is mentioned in the Bible as the location that the Israelites were backed up against when they let Egypt and were being pursued by the Egyptians.  As recounted in Exodus Chapter 14,  Moses prayed and held his hands over the sea, and the Lord parted the waters of the Red Sea to allow the Israelites to cross on dry land (a scene famously brought to life in the movie "The Ten Commandments" with Charlton Heston).  Once they had all crossed and the Egyptian army started crossing to reach them, the waters returned to their place and drown the pursuing army.  

Some scholars believe the actual crossing was the "Sea of Reeds" rather than the main body of the Red Sea.  


Red Sea towns


With various water sports including diving, sailing, windsurfing, and snorkeling, Hurghada has become a popular tourist destination on the Egyptian Red Sea Coast. The weather stays warm all year round and the city has stunning, luxurious resorts with top quality amenities to give you a relaxing and serene escape, compelling you to pay this place at least a yearly visit! The stunning and serene Al-Mina Mosque by the seaside on the coast of Hurghada is also a popular tourist attraction and Muslims come here to pray in peace. The building is beautiful inside out!

Al Quseir

A historically important city, Al Quseir has been inhabited for over 5000 years! A few old buildings in the city built in French and British styles are still preserved although most of the city has turned into a luxurious resort and water sports site. A fort built in the 16t century has also been preserved and is worth a visit!

Marsa Alam

Housing a well-developed fishing club with professional trainers, Marsa Alam is the perfect spot for you to try fishing, especially if you’ve never tried it before! After you get tired of fishing, you can hit the beach for relaxing!

Red Sea Islands

Giftun island

White sand and sunbeds dominate the Island’s shore and vibrant coral reefs can be found in the Sea surrounding it. It’s a mini-paradise itself and is famous for its water activities.

Mahamya Island

Surrounded by calm, turquoise water, this Island offers one of the safest snorkeling facilities!

Makadi Bay

This, too, is another wonderful place for bringing out your inner athlete. Not only is this another center for SCUBA diving but it also has numerous other attractions listed below!

  • It houses a Dolphin World where you can watch dolphins dance and even swim with them!
  • It has a water park with a friendly staff and clean water, suitable for people of all ages! You’re free to just relax on their sunbeds if you have aquaphobia!
  • The stunning Mini Egypt Park is also a must visit if you stop by Makadi Bay! It’s perfect for people of all ages: kids who want to learn more about Egypt, teenagers who want to know what the best tourist attractions of Egypt are, parents who want to educate their children while simultaneously entertaining them and the old folks who are too old to take an actual tour of the entire country!
  • Monastery of St. Anthony and Monastery of St. Paul

Both these monasteries are located on the Red Sea coast of Egypt and are important sites for Christians. The Monastery of St. Anthony has also been named the oldest monastery in the world!


This place has everything- water sports, scenic landscapes, wondrous marine species and posh resorts! It is the ideal place for a family trip or a honeymoon! So, pack your sunscreen, bathing suits and umbrellas and explore the beautiful coast and neighboring islands!



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