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Wandering through the Sinai Desert is better with a camel

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Sinai Desert is which is located in Egypt and the desert is full of diversity. From the wide open plains to the high sand dunes to camel riding to the rugged mountains, the desert in Sinai has to offer an incredible experience. The desert is also known as the “Land of Fayrouz” which means turquoise which is to the fact that the ancient turquoise mines of south Sinai, which provided the pharaohs with the abundant decorations on amulets and burial masks.

The Sinai Desert has a triangular formation at the northeastern end of Egypt. This desert comes to an abrupt end on the Red Sea. No doubt that Egypt is famous for its culture and historical places and most of the tourists love to visit the Great Pyramids of Egypt as well which is the only Ancient Wonder of the World still in existence. But, the Sinai Desert is amazing and it is indeed a popular destination in Egypt.

The burden of the wilderness of the sea. As whirlwinds in the South sweep through, it comes from the wilderness... (Isaiah 21:1)

The Penisula has been the part of the Egypt for centuries and in ancient times it was famous as a chief pilgrim route and it was the treadmill of evaders. It was on Sinai when Moses spoke with God in the form of a burning bush and Moses was summoned to the summit of Mount Sinai to receive the commandments for all mankind.


Sinai Desert Tours – Why The Numbers of Tourists To The Sinai Desert Are Increasing?

Sinai is a beautiful place to visit as it is a perfect place to enjoy the sun, the water and the amazing adventures. This desert is unique in many ways apart from the Camel riding and the sand dunes, this desert has many more things to explore like the spending wadis, hidden canyons and the green oases.

You cannot take this desert like all the other deserts in the world because the diversity of the place makes it unique and worth the visit. That is why now tourists are getting the idea that Egypt is not only about the Great Pyramids of Egypt in fact there is more to it.

The Sinai Desert is a must see as it has historical background, elegant sites and large than life attractions.

What Does Sinai Desert Has To Offer?

Well, the Sinai Desert has some incredible historical places like the Monastery of Saint Catherine which was destination for pilgrims for a very long time. The ancient library is another amazing site to explore and there are so many other landmarks hidden in the mountains as well.

The Colored Canyon – So, are you thinking of something unique that makes you want to visit this desert? Well, the colored canyon is one of the many things in the Sinai desert that will definitely make you fall in love with this desert. The eye-catching colors and the rock formation of the colored canyon make it the best canyons in the Sinai desert. This canyon is parallel to it’s another sandy wadi.

Some of the major sports to explore in the Sinai desert are

  • Nawamis Site
  • Jebel Matamir
  • Jebel Barga and Jebel Makharum
  • The White Canyon
  • Ein Hodra Oasis
  • Jebel Milehis

Top Sights in Sinai In A Nutshell

Here are some of the top sights in Sinai to explore

  • St Catherine Monastery
  • Mt Sinai
  • Thomas Reef
  • Blue Hole
  • Thistlegorm
  • Ras Mohammed National Park

So, visiting the Sinai Desert should be on your list. This desert is unique in many ways and the historical sites, modern day adventures and rich cultural placer richly deserve to be explored. So, don’t forget to visit this place when you are travelling to Egypt.

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