January 24, 2020
Overview The map below contains markers at select featured tour locations.
Laodicea, an ancient city, located in modern times near the Turkish city Denizli, was situated in a valley along major trade routes. The city was…
Philadelphia, known in modern times as the Turkish town of Alaşehir, was established by King Eumenes II of Pergamon, in honor of his brother, Attalus…
Sardis, located east of Smyrna and southeast of Thyatira, was the capital of the ancient kingdom of Lydia. Originally built upon an acropolis at an…
Thyatira was a city of tradespeople, with guilds that included wool-workers, linen-workers, makers of outer garments, dyers, leather-workers, tanners, potters, bakers, slave-dealers, and bronze-smiths. It…
Smyrna was a seaport city, about thirty miles north of Ephesus. It had a prominent Jewish community, as well as a strong allegiance to the…
Pergamos, also known as Pergamum or Pergamon, was a wealthy city established as one of the major cultural centers of the ancient Greek empire during…
Located in the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City lies the historic Church of the Holy Sepulchre. This beautiful church is of tremendous religious importance…
The predominantly Arab city, Nazareth, is located in the northern part of Israel. Being a predominantly Arab city, it has a Muslim majority with a…
The Mount of Beatitudes, like its name suggests, is a peak in the northern part of Israel. The mountain is exceptionally stunning and holds immense…
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